Step 4 of a digital strategy: set your vision

A company’s vision and views are regularly overlooked within a business. That is why it’s pivotal you review and set them early on when developing your digital strategy. When creating your vision, it is critical you ensure your company’s digital strategy is aligned with your company’s business strategy.

When setting your vision for your business, you need to remember the initial reason as to why you have decided to move in the digital space. The initial reasoning will help form your vision for your company and its digital strategy. When brainstorming ideas for your business’ digital vision there are a number of questions you should answer. These are:

  • “What do we want to be the authority in?”
  • “What are we currently famous for?”
  • “What do we want to be famous for/in?”
  • “What conversation do we want to own in our channel?”
  • “What is the best medium to tell our story?”
  • “Do we have an interesting story to tell?”

Image shows a team working on a digital strategy

While answering these questions, you will need to think of the services your business currently offers and what you are best known for within the industry and to your clients. This step presents an opportunity for you to look into the future and to set a goal as to where your business wants to grow. Once you have answered these questions in detail, it will validate that your business strategy and digital strategy are aligned. By developing this knowledge, it will give meaning as to why you have decided to move your business into digital.

Along with justifying the value of establishing a strong digital presence, it will also act as a motivator within your company. It will influence your company to strive to reach the wanted objective and goal. While setting your vision for your digital strategy is important, you also need to ensure you set both an external and internal view for your business. Your external view for your strategy should reflect the question of “why do we need to do it”.

During your external view, brainstorm reasons as to why your business needs to move into digital. Is it because your competitors are doing it, is it because you offer a digital service to your clients and customers, or is it because your target audience has a digital presence?

Here there is a work team working on a digital strategy

Your internal view should then answer the question of, “Why are we doing it?” During this step, your vision should explain the reasons as to why it’s pivotal to invest time and money into digital. This could include to create an audience and drive leads and sales – just to name a few.

A digital strategy vision could be: “We will become an authority in _________. Our business’ digital strategy is to create brand awareness that will establish a valuable asset through our audience creation. This will then translate to the generation of leads and conversions to increase sales.”

By setting your vision, as well as your internal and external view, early on in your digital strategy, it will provide guidance to your business throughout the execution. While providing you with guidance, it will also provide reassurance as to why your business has decided to invest in digital and how it will drive a return in sales and asset development.

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