Aloha Canada Incentive Program

Kraft Heinz Foodservice (AU)
Unilever Food Solutions (AU)
Goodman Fielder Food Service (AU)
Fonterra Foodservice (AU and NZ)
Wattie’s Foodservice (NZ)

A 12-month strategic alliance between five of the world’s largest food companies that shared similar distributor customers.

Kraft Heinz, Unilever Food Solutions, Fonterra, Wattie’s and Goodman Fielder Food Service are large food manufactures in Australia catering to the foodservice industry.

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What we achieved

Growth achieved in year five
Tier one achievers travelled to Hawaii
Tier two achievers travelled to Vancouver
Tier three achievers travelled to Lake Louise

The Challenge

Each of our manufacturer clients wanted to achieve sales growth within their business while increasing their overall market share in a market that was growing at a low 0.7%.


The Solution

Aloha Canada was the fifth program in a series of incentive programs that we have executed over the past six years. After successfully implementing and providing year-on-year growth for a foundation partner, this concept attracted an additional strategic partnership each year.

Our very own Upside Only™, self-funding incentive program formula was adopted as part of this program. At the time, our clients required the program to be completely self-funding; meaning, if no customers achieved, there was no cost to the company.

This funding model has now successfully delivered self-funding outcomes in over 100 programs.

By implementing our unique self-funding module, it meant every single person, if they were at that event, had not only grown the business to afford the cost of the travel but they had actually made the equal value of the trip, as well as an additional margin above the set target.

Along with the concept of “you need to achieve to receive”, another real benefit of the incentive program was that it took the conversation away from price. This program incorporated some highly interactive, educational components in Hawaii as the food service model in the U.S is widely recognised as the pinnacle of the world.

During the lead up to the Aloha Canada event, we kept the customers and clients engaged with the program by sending out fortnightly e-blasts (emails). These emails communicated how much they had to go until they reach a tiered target.

During the program, the conversation became, ‘how much more do I need to order’ instead of ‘what is the best price’.

The aspirational once in a lifetime reward

During their time overseas, tier one attendees and their partners enjoyed four nights in Hawaii. Tier two attendees received four nights in Hawaii, two nights in Vancouver, Canada and a gold class Rocky Mountaineer train experience before tier three attendees enjoyed the picturesque settings of Lake Louise.


Now in its sixth year, the program has delivered year-on-year growth for each of our clients. Aloha Canada saw records being broken for both profit and event attendees.

Following the selling period, each of the partnered businesses gained between 15% and 30% sales growth. These figures are very unique, as the food service industry across the nation was growing annually at 0.7%.

What’s next

The next growth program, called Roar Rhythm, was launched to achieving customers at Pearl Harbour. Stay tuned for an update as to the success of this program in South Africa.

"Thank you again not only for the amazing trip but really for the past 21 months that I’ve been working with you. The planning and execution of the whole Aloha Canada program has been outstanding. There has always been fantastic service from your team throughout the year and you should be very proud of your team. Clearly that doesn’t happen without great leadership so I wanted to recognise that."

Mal Karmelich

Fonterra Foodservice
National Sales Manager

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