Faber-Castell #Colour4Life

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Driving segment engagement and sales growth across retailer network.

An annual two month fully integrated marketing communications campaign, to reconnect the Faber-Castell brand with their creative target audience. The #Colour4LIfe campaign was launched to inspire creativity through the use of colour.

Key achievements

32% sales growth compared with same period last year – more than three times the target.

47% sales growth from their key retail partner compared with same period last year

Reached 753,000 unique consumers with more than 1,300,000 impressions

Average audience engagement rate of 30% (76% where social post included a video)


The Challenge

The newly formed marketing team at Faber-Castell identified that they were facing erosion of brand awareness and relevance with their key creative and artist segment of the market. Further to this, the team wanted to instill retailer faith and provide a platform to reignite the Faber-Castell social media following.


The Solution

Together, Incremental and Faber-Castell designed a two month integrated marketing communication campaign to drive engagement across the brand’s various artistic segments – with the inspirational use of colour as the key lever. The campaign was supported throughout the customer journey both out-of-store and in-store by leveraging social media, influencer marketing, workshops and in-store merchandise.

Once the campaign timeline and channel mix was locked in, Incremental’s in-house design team worked on developing the creative direction for the campaign. A key to the overall success for any digital campaign is the creative that resonates and this was especially true for the #Colour4Life campaign given the target market of creatives. By developing the new #Colour4Life movement, Incremental was able to incorporate innovative designs that still paid respect to the heritage and tradition of the Faber-Castell brand.

To increase overall engagement and link the campaign back to the commercial objective, a competition element (a game of skill) was promoted, where users were encouraged to share their creations highlighting what #Colour4Life meant to them. The winner announced at the end of the campaign period was awarded an artist’s essential collection pack. The prize component was particularly successful as it resonated with the like-minded artists that Faber-Castell were targeting.

Key to the success of the social campaign was targeting a mix of engaged audiences. The use of video early on in the campaign provided access to lookalike audiences enabling a broader reach. As the campaign progressed, a number of remarketing audiences were also targeted to build out context and continue the users journey to conversion.

To further add social proof and extend the overall campaign reach, influencers were engaged to share #Colour4Life content and outline what #Colour4Life meant to them. The response from the influencers was extremely positive and their content was repurposed in the creation of the second video of the campaign.


The first installment of Faber-Castell’s #Colour4Life campaign was a resounding success, from a digital engagement perspective. The campaign was seen by over half a million targeted users across two months, sparking users to take action with an increase in retailer sales and competition submissions. Not only did it drive commercial outcomes, as a branding exercise, the reach and exposure that the #Colour4Life movement created for Faber-Castell has provided a platform to re-engage hobbyists and part time artists alike. Both Incremental and Faber-Castell are excited to continue to build on the success of the campaign in years to come.