GIO 2018 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championship

Disability Sport Australia
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Disability Sports Australia (DSA) is Australia’s national body representing athletes with a physical disability. They were the official event organisers for the 2018 GIO Wheelchair Rugby World Championship, which was held in Sydney.

What we achieved

123,680 people reached on digital

3,700 website conversions

Sold out tickets to the grand final between Japan and Australia in less than 24 hours


The Challenge

Disability Sports Australia approached Incremental when it became apparent that a lack of awareness of the week-long event in Sydney was dramatically impacting ticket sales.

Once they had clearly identified their challenge, they realised that they didn’t have the internal resources to fulfil the task of building their brand awareness and generating the mass market ticket sales required.

To fill the gap within their internal teams, Incremental stepped in and worked alongside them to build out a solution that would meet their goals and objectives.


The Solution

When Disability Sports Australia first approached us to manage their digital ticket sales campaign, general awareness surrounding the event was restricted to those who had an affiliation with the sport, despite it being internationally recognised. Our first priority was to generate and grow brand awareness for the event, which we knew would allow us to identify users that showed enough interest in the event to be converted into paying customers.

To ensure we reached the right target audience, we created a six-week social media strategy that was executed across Facebook, linking to their official ticket website. The first step to the strategy was to create excitement for the event across the platform.

To do this, we developed six different post concepts that carried engaging promotions and offers and were posted strategically over six-weeks. The first concept was a launch video, which was optimised for video views to generate initial awareness and build a remarketing audience.

For the video, we created an audience based on those who had engaged with the Facebook page within the last 180 days, were WRWC Facebook fans, had an interest in rugby and were in the Sydney geographic area. We also added another layer of fans who had an interest in disability sports or Paralympics in Sydney and Homebush, as well as WRWC email database and a corresponding lookalike audience using Facebook’s predictive targeting.

The video was then followed by a number of emotive image posts and a chance draw promotion to win tickets to the Bledisloe Cup that were optimised for page views to generate traffic to the ticket webstore. Each of these posts were targeted to a specific, qualified audience who had an interest in the event or had interacted with the brand and sport in the past and were therefore most likely to convert.

The remarketing audiences were determined by each user’s engagement with the Facebook content, ads, as well as the website. Those who received the remarketing ads either:

  • Viewed 50% of launch video
  • Viewed 95% launch video
  • Viewed 95% launch video – lookalike
  • Initiate checkout in the last 180 days
  • Added to cart in the last 180 days
  • Purchases in the last 180 days
  • Initiated a checkout in the last 180 days – lookalike
  • Added to cart in the last 180 days – lookalike
  • Purchased in the last 180 Days – lookalike

Once the audience engaged with the posts, they were driven to the official website where ticket purchases could be fulfilled, leading to conversions for Disability Sports Australia. To ensure the collected data was transferred and consistent between Facebook and the website, we set up the Facebook Pixel between the two assets.

Through the Pixel, we were able to track each user’s journey from Facebook, through to the website, followed by the ticket, check-out page and cart abandonment. The Pixel also allowed us to pull through the exact purchase value of each customer’s transaction.


During this six-week campaign, the social media strategy proved to be extremely effective in achieving mass reach, brand awareness, website traffic and ticket conversions. In the short amount of time, the content promoted through the platform reached more than 123,600 users.

This large-scale reach then allowed the ads to drive more than 1,800 users to the website and assist in over 3,700 conversions at just over two tickets per user. Most impressive of all, the grand final event between Australia and Japan sold out in less than 24 hours, while only $700 was spent in advertising budget for this particular game. This outstanding result was due to the mass awareness digital drove for the event across the Facebook platform over the six weeks.

“As the host organisation for the GIO 2018 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championship (2018 WRWC), Disability Sports Australia (DSA) knew that driving mainstream coverage and ticket sales for the event would be a major challenge. Incremental were instrumental in the marketing success of the 2018 WRWC with responsibility for implementing a digital campaign which directly correlated in increased ticket sales for the event. Incremental’s response time, clarity and professionalism throughout the pre-event and event periods gave DSA complete confidence in their ability to deliver. Incremental’s Gold Medal match campaign directly resulted in the sale of over 25% of the Gold Medal match tickets. I would recommend Incremental without hesitation and DSA looks forward to continuing a positive working relationship.”

Steve Loader

GIO 2018 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championship
Chairman, Organising Committee