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Engaging a wholesaler’s end-customers digitally

While Goodman Fielder offers a leading set of bulk foods to the hospitality industry, they don’t sell directly to their end-customers. With competitors circling, Goodman Fielder recognised the opportunity to reach their end-customers another way – online.

Key achievements

Growth in total website traffic
Growth in organic traffic
Growth in where to buy searches

The Challenge

Many thousands of hospitality businesses love Goodman Fielder products. However, Goodman Fielder Food Service don’t sell directly to their end-customers. In 2015, Goodman Fielder required a way to connect to their end-customers digitally and build customer support for their brands and products.

In 2015, after tendering against three competitor agencies, Goodman Fielder appointed Incremental as their lead digital agency for their Food Service division.


The Solution

To enable Goodman Fielder to influence their end-customers, we proposed a multi-channel marketing program.

After conducting a strategic workshop with Goodman Fielder, our team focused on elevating the company’s digital presence.

With a host of business and market drivers informing the decision-making, we created a digital hub to attract and engage chefs and foodservice professionals.

To target this new website at Goodman Fielder’s end-customers, we engaged chefs from across the hospitality industry and challenged these chefs to showcase their skills while using Goodman Fielder’s suite of products. These videos and articles spanned recipes, tips and foodservice trends and delivered handy skills, techniques and advice that addressed end-customer pain points.

Incremental wrapped this engaging and highly-relevant content in a re-designed and re-developed Goodman Fielder website. The result is a digital presence that’s rich, visually-compelling and easy-to-use. The site is backed by brand guidelines that govern the site’s use of imagery, content strategy and tone-of-voice.

The result? By a considerable degree, Goodman Fielder’s digital presence now outclassed their competitors.

Crucially, this digital hub worked as a springboard for the digital acquisition strategy developed by Incremental.

We spread the site’s rich content across social media, including Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. By delivering high-quality and relevant content consistently, we kept the highly-defined target-audience coming back for more.

These content interactions helped build out Goodman Fielder’s database. With the use of a CRM strategy, we built profiles for every customer, understanding their interests, channel preferences and product preferences. This data now drives Goodman Fielder’s email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing strategies.

With multiple channels engaged – and with a rich and growing relationship with end-customers – Goodman Fielder now utilise their digital connections to their end-customers to help grow their business.

Our content strategy delivered consistent, high quality and relevant content that kept our highly targeted audience coming back for more.


Goodman Fielder’s social media presence continues to grow. The company’s Facebook fan-base has grown from zero to 20,000+ fans. The company now boasts a robust presence on Google and a YouTube channel with 425,000+ video views.

"Working with Incremental has felt like a partnership. They are committed to having a deep understanding of our brands and our customers which has helped us consistently deliver the best results for our website and social platforms."

Andrew Logan

Goodman Fielder Pty Ltd
Head of Marketing – Food Service

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