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Goodman Fielder Food Service
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Goodman Fielder Food Service is a leading supplier of ingredients to the hospitality industry such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, hotels, caterers and institutions.

They have a huge portfolio of products such as fresh bread, artisan and specialty breads, edible oils, pastry, rice, margarine, bakery ingredients, mayonnaise, sauces, cakes and dessert mixes.

What we achieved

Growth in total website traffic
Growth in organic traffic
Growth in where to buy searches

The Challenge

Operating in an intermediated market meant that Goodman Fielder did not have a direct relationship with their end-user customers. Without any visibility, they found it increasingly difficult to influence their customers to support their brands and products.

Goodman Fielders lacked a digital presence and they knew the key to their success would be to generate mass brand awareness through a compelling online platform that would enable them to connect with customers.

In 2015, after tendering against three competitor agencies, Goodman Fielder appointed us as their preferred digital agency for their Food Service division.


The Solution

After being appointed we conducted a strategic workshop where we delved deeper into their goals and created a complete digital strategy and execution plan. We immediately re-designed and re-developed Goodman Fielder website that was visually compelling and easy-to-use.

Our digital designers and UX experts ensured we produced a site that was intuitive, appealing and aligned with Goodman Fielder’s broader vision and strategic positioning – including the deployment of technology that was totally unique to the market.

We created the supporting infrastructure that is fundamental to any digital undertaking – a full crisis management plan for the business, a creative rationale to guide the imagery, feel of their communications and tone-of-voice guideline documentation to manage the language and tonality that we employed.

Goodman Fielder website displayed, full screen, on a laptop

Our content strategy delivered consistent, high quality and relevant content that kept our highly targeted audience coming back for more.

A key component of our digital strategy was to create a hub that attracts chefs and food service professionals. To make sure we were on the right track during this process, we reached out to some movers and shakers within the industry to show off their skills and shuffle the perception of Goodman Fielder and its suite of products.

As a way of involving their target audience, we tasked chefs to produce content that inspired and informed their peers through recipes, tips and trends articles. The content adorning the website provided Goodman Fielder with an obvious point of difference to their competitors – as it was rich in imagery and video, yet succinct and poignant enough for their time-poor audience.

The content was disseminated across social media and always aligned with their corporate values. The content strategy allowed us to provide Goodman Fielder’s audience with a wonderful, immersive user-experience.

Gathering a defined audience through a digital acquisition strategy.

We also developed, and continue to develop, the digital acquisition strategy, which is executed across Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, as well as their content and email strategy.

To implement these successfully, we continue to optimise the strategies to ensure the best results across all the platforms.

As we grew the database and opened up the lines of communication between Goodman Fielder and their customers, we built the user’s profile through their interactions on the site. By doing this, it allowed us to be highly targeted in our communications.

It also allowed us to provide the audience with customised content targeting Goodman Fielder’s most important market segments and to push them through the buyer’s journey.


Goodman Fielder’s digital presence has expanded to the point that it is a primary channel in their broader marketing activities – including brand and new product launches.

Goodman Fielder’s social media presence also continues to grow, as well as their engagement and video views. The fan base on Facebook has grown from zero to 20,000 and continues to grow – becoming the largest food service corporate fan base on Facebook.

Their YouTube channel has also growth with 300,000+ video views – effectively creating an audience of food service professionals that we can engage with across multiple platforms.

"Working with Incremental has felt like a partnership. They are committed to having a deep understanding of our brands and our customers which has helped us consistently deliver the best results for our website and social platforms."

Andrew Logan

Goodman Fielder Pty Ltd
Head of Marketing – Food Service

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