Incentive Programs

Drive above-market growth with incentive programs

Achieve year-on-year sales growth for your business with our Upside Only self-funding model.

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Our solution allows you to:

  • Gain measurable and profitable growth
  • Gain substantial market share
  • Increase discretionary support from your customers
  • Block competitors
  • Bind loyalty to your brands
  • Create a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Strengthen internal sales processes

To maximise your customer’s ambitions, we offer once in a lifetime travel experiences, from Ferraris to safaris, personal rewards and reloadable Visa cards.

With over 100 incentive programs executed, we have never failed to deliver our clients sales growth.

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Thank you for yet again a fantastic effort - with the right planning and preparation and excellence in execution. The program helped us continue delivering double digit growth in essentially a flat market whilst enhancing our relationship with our customers. I know that we would not have been able to pull this off without Incremental.

Yezdi Daruwalla

Unilever Food Solutions Australasia
Managing Director