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Silver Lining Rewards is a high touch, high-value dealer loyalty program in which every sale had a Silver Lining. Despite fierce competition and an industry in flat growth, Silver Lining Rewards delivered Silver Chef with 24% sales growth.

What we achieved

Sales growth
Retention of their customers
Of all points earned by the dealers were claimed

The Challenge

Silver Chef was under attack from new, agile competitors that were entering their market, under-cutting them and stealing their share.

They needed to safeguard their customer relationships and protect their profitability. Along with protecting their sales, they also wanted to ensure they hit their business’ budgeted growth objectives.


The Solution

We created Silver Lining Rewards, a high touch, high-value dealer loyalty program in which every sale had a Silver Lining. The creative was opulent, clean, straight to the point and personalised.

Part of the strategy was to offer dealers more choice, so in addition to branded reloadable Visa cards, we had a reward pool of high-end rewards tailored to the audience.

Using our SaaS Loyalty Portal, we developed a customised responsive website that allowed dealers and their reps to see what they had earned in points for sales and contracts they had put through Silver Chef.

The sales were automatically converted into points, so they could instantly see the benefit of their efforts.

Another key driver for the campaign were the personalised eDM’s, which had an average 84% click-through rate.

The website allowed them to see how they were tracking as an individual and as a team, as dealership sales as a whole were accumulated, allowing a dealer to progressively move up tiers and increase their entire dealership’s earning potential.

Whilst on the website, dealers could quickly and easily claim their points and convert them into ‘cash’. Having this information on the one platform allowed Silver Chef’s sales teams to review sales, engagement and growth of their dealers and utilise this as a sales driver.

These emails included the dealer’s status and variable progress bar. Once again, the dealer was able to see how many reward points they had earned, how that would convert into a dollar value and the ability to click straight through to claim their rewards.

As 80% of Silver Chef’s business is generated through their large hospitality dealerships, to protect them from being poached by competitors, we made sure they received V.I.P treatment.

Not only did they have the benefit of our concierge service, they were also invited to a three-day, all-expenses paid for business forum.


Despite fierce competition and a relatively flat growth across the industry, the program delivered 24% sales growth. Silver Chef was also able to block their competitors and retain 100% of their customers.

Throughout the loyalty program, 98% of all points earned by the dealers were claimed. Aside from loading cash onto the dealers reloadable VISA cards, we also purchased a Rolls Royce and booked holidays to the Greek Islands – as part of the program.

"Silver Chef have worked with Incremental for over three years and they have consistently delivered an outstanding and industry leading rewards program. IMG’s focus and dedication to the foodservice industry has allowed them to transform our dealer network and deliver year-on-year growth of 24%, with a monthly claim rate on average of 80%. IMG’s innovative direction coupled with their passion has made working alongside them a breeze and Silver Chef are proud to be associated with such an incredible agency” #dreamteam."

Alana Hesse

Silver Chef Hospitality Equipment Funding
Marketing Executive

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