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The My Golden Ticket incentive program produced 57% sales growth for Unilever. The program also saw record delegates attend the reward, with 180 achievers from seven countries.

We worked with Unilever Food Solution Middle East, Egypt, Pakistan and Sri Lanka’s (MEPS) for three years to help achieve their goal of sales growth within the foodservice business.

The program was implemented in 14 countries, with 4 languages, utilising 14 currencies.

What we achieved

Growth year-on-year
Delegates from seven countries


The Challenge

Unilever Food Solution’s My Golden Ticket (MGT 3.0) was their third incentive program. The program was put in place to encourage sales through their distributor and wholesale customers. The program had a buying period of nine months and during that time, customers needed to work towards a number of sales targets in an attempt to earn golden tickets that could be converted to the incentive to Australia.


The Solution

Prior to the launch, we developed and deployed the official website, which was accessed from the 14 countries that were involved with the program.

When we communicated with the delegates on behalf of Unilever via Electronic Direct Mail (eDMs), the content was translated to their spoken language (there were four different languages spoken by the delegates). By doing this, it made the communication between Unilever and the delegates more personal and engaging.

To officially launch the MEPS incentive program, a launch kit was designed, developed and distributed.

During the execution of the program, we managed the campaign’s buying period for the nine months, as well as all of the sales reporting and communication with the distributors and wholesalers – this was also done via eDMs.

For the delegates to earn their reward and secure their spot on the trip to Australia, they simply needed to buy and sell more of Unilever’s brands.

Earning their ticket

On the achievement of a target level, they were rewarded with a golden ticket. The more targets they achieved, the more golden tickets they were rewarded with. For example, if they achieved 22 tickets over the nine months, they were entitled to travel for four nights.

If they achieved 28 tickets, they were rewarded with six nights of travelling. For those who over-achieved, they were welcome to invite two other people with them on the trip or use their additional golden tickets to extend their stay in Australia or upgrade to business class travel.

The memorable reward

Due to their tier one achievement level, 20% of the delegate’s experience ended in Sydney. The remainder were flown to Port Douglas, Queensland, where they enjoyed an additional two nights.


The MEPS program was the third year of MGT 3.0 Unilever Middle East, Egypt, Pakistan and Sri Lanka’s incentive program and received the best results yet. The program delivered 57% year-on-year growth from its most engaged distributors who achieved more than one token.

These figures were consistent and sustained over a nine-month period. For the rewarded trip to Australia, 180 delegates from seven countries achieved their sales targets and more than one ticket.

This large number of attendees was up 117% from the program the year before. This again shows and proves the incentive program increases engagement and sales each year, due to the memorable once-in-a-lifetime experiences that the delegates were rewarded with each program.

"I expected high standards from the team following the great job done in China and yet again they are a credit to the business. The organisation is faultless to a ‘T’ but it’s the personality and camaraderie of the team that adds the magic."

Colin Butler

Unilever Food Solutions Middle east, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
Managing Director

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