Wholesaler & distributor loyalty program

Our customised wholesaler and distributor loyalty programs have consistently delivered sales growth and new income streams for major buying groups for over 22 years.

Loyalty programs are proven to increase your profitability; however, they also provide a strong reason for you to connect with your customers regularly.

How our wholesaler distributor loyalty/rewards program works in principle

Infographic of the Wholesaler Distributor Program workflow

Wholesalers and distributors are in the favourable position that if structured correctly, their loyalty and rewards program can be funded by suppliers.

Benefits of a wholesaler and distributor loyalty and rewards program:

  • Create a real point of difference against your competitors
  • Provide a sustainable reason to regularly communicate and engage with customers
  • Build greater relationships with supplier partners who are keen to market directly to your customers
  • Generate an additional income stream as these funds overarch all other supplier terms

A well-executed program also allows you to develop an accurate database of operator details and information that can be used in future campaigns and marketing.

Incremental’s model secures funding in two ways:

  • Participation fees per product, which covers the program’s launch and advertising
  • Ongoing markdown on products that will fund all points issued to customers

Your loyalty program will be valued by your suppliers as it will deliver them sales growth through increased brand visibility and a measurable, large scale promotional platform.

Wholesale loyalty rewards

Overall, our wholesaler and distributor loyalty programs provide your business with a triple treat:

  • Your customers feel valued and connected
  • Your suppliers feel empowered and supported
  • Your business achieves growth and funding for the future

We are the true one-stop solution, delivering you:

  • Loyalty strategy and execution
  • Supplier sell-in
  • Loyalty software platform
  • Data security
  • Launch material
  • Marketing material
  • Digital marketing
  • Real-time reporting
  • Reward fulfilment and distribution
  • Concierge service

Allow us to help you create the absolute best wholesaler and distributor loyalty program in your industry. Give us a call.

"A big thank you from all of us here at CFA with your work on loyalty program. This year has been the smoothest that I can remember. We could not be any happier with the level of service that you provide our business."

Paul Healy

Combined Foodservices of Australia
General Manager

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